For Sale – CloudWare Softswitch Technology and Source Code Package

Build a Global Telco

  • Software only – deploys directly to the Cloud – GLOBALLY (e.g. AWS)
  • Class 5 Softswitch scales to 200,000+ users and 40,000+ concurrent calls per instance– then to multi-millions in clusters
  • Class 4 Softswitch scales to 200,000+ concurrent calls per instance (easily integrate a software SBC)
  • Unified Communications as a Service platform (UCaaS)
  • Multi-country code/geographic number plans supported in a single instance
  • Native virtualization engine hosts any number of full-featured Virtual Hosted PBXs ‘in the Cloud’ – GLOBALLY
  • Scales to 10s of millions of subscribers/users in a footprint up to 20 times smaller than the nearest Softswitch competitors

Use this technology to build a truly global telco platform with total flexibility and a green, low energy footprint. Once purchased, it’s an exclusive ‘own and operate’ for the acquirer – no license fees payable – ever – enabling total control over the development path. The acquirer of this technology will have a massive market advantage over all telco competitors and vendors.

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